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Syllabus – Phase by phase

The session consists of 5-8 weekly phases (Mon-Sun), each consisting of a sequence of 3 core tasks and a peer-reviewing activity (except for week 1 which consists of Get Started activities and two core activities, followed by a peer-reviewing activity).


Each week ends with a convergence session delivered by moderators with the participants invited as guests, and, when possible, guest speakers who are experts in Learning Design methodology.




Warm-up activities will be available soon for any eager beaver to get stuck in in the build up to the official start of the session:



Getting started with the VLE: create a free Canvas account, a Canvas profile and a Learning Design Journal (as part of the Canvas e-Portfolio)


Getting social:




Week 1 core activities will be made available on the 1st day of the session:


Activity 1.1 Find out about Learning Design for Technology Integration


Activity 1.2 Thinking of the challenge in your context


Activity 1.3 Peer review of your dream


EVO TaD Convergence session29 May 2016, 1 pm GMT (via Adobe Connect room) – with a guest speaker!




Activity 2.1 WHERE? Analysing context, factors and concerns


Activity 2.2 WHO? Get familiar with the persona concept


Activity 2.3 WHY? The objectives of your ICT-based learning activity


Activity 2.4 Peer-review – Your ICT-based activity objectives


EVO TaD Convergence session5 Jun 2016, 1 pm GMT (via Adobe Connect room)




Activity 3.1 Search for existing ICT-based learning activities


Activity 3.2 Turn your persona into a scenario


Activity 3.3 Create the evaluation protocol


Activity 3.4 Peer review – Applying your heuristics evaluation


EVO TaD Convergence session12 Jun 2016, 1 pm GMT (via Adobe Connect room) – with a guest speaker!




Activity 4.1 Prototype your idea


Activity 4.2 Revisit and update your heuristics


Activity 4.3 Test your prototype


Activity 4.4 Peer-review – Consolidate your prototype


EVO TaD Convergence session19 Jun 2016, 1 pm GMT (via Adobe Connect room)




Activity 5.1 Publish your learning activity


Activity 5.2 Peer review – Your learning activity


Activity 5.3 Your Learning Design Process report


Activity 5.4 Reflect and share your thoughts


Closing Convergence session – X XX 2016 (time and venue TBC)

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