Communication Channels

Remote Controls

We will use the following platforms for communication:

  • Canvas, a Virtual Learning Environment (courtesy of Open University of Catalonia), is going to be used as the main learning platform in order to display content and support interaction between participants, and participants and moderators. There will be two main interaction spaces: Discussion Forums and Learning Design Journal (a Canvas-integrated e-Portfolio to document learning and share achievements with other participants for peer review).

The moderators team will use the Announcements forum for daily journal entries to help the participants to stay on track.


In order to join the session in Canvas, the participants will have to create a free account – See the ‘Join this Session’ area below to do so.


  • Adobe Connect room (courtesy of Learning Technologies SIG) for weekly convergence sessions.


  • Social media channels to disseminate outputs and artefacts produced by the participants.


  • Project website  : the moderator team will use this blog to reflect on the session design, delivery and evaluation, to showcase and celebrate the participants outputs and achievements.


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